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Minarets Students Prevail Over Teachers In Donkey Basketball

Game changer: donkey basketball (Minarets Press)

By Jordan Tuttle —

O’NEALS — What’s the best way to mix FFA with sports? If your instant answer isn’t, “donkey basketball,” you don’t know what you’re missing! Well, in hindsight, “ram football” also sounds fun, but it would be super difficult to teach the rams to catch.

Donkey basketball is an annual event at Minarets High School during FFA Week. Students and teachers face off against one another in basketball while riding donkeys on the basketball court. You might think this would be easy, but it’s actually quite challenging: most of the shots have to be shot backwards. It’s also extremely entertaining to watch people try to move a large, stubborn animal to get a ball that dropped to the floor.

It’s harder than you think! (Minarets Press)

For the first time in Minarets history, in this fifth annual event, students beat the teachers with an outstanding score of 42 – 30. This ended the four year winning streak previously held by the teachers. Hopefully, this student-victory tradition continues next year when donkey basketball returns in 2020.

Jordan Tuttle is a student at Minarets.

Read the original article here on Minarets Press.

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