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Minarets Student Holds Wheelchair Drive

Rachel HookerBy Rachel Hooker, Tally Scott & Greta Ziegler

O’NEALS – My name is Rachel Hooker and I am doing a wheelchair drive for my Senior Legacy Experience (SLE).  I feel a strong connection to this charity because, in my Junior year of high school, my dad was diagnosed with cancer/brain tumor and has mobility issues.  Many people who suffer from cancer or have disabilities can’t go anywhere easily and need a wheelchair for mobility.  However, many patients cannot afford wheelchairs and are left without the ability to move around.

The unrestricted ability to walk on our own is something many people take for granted. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who need wheelchairs to get around. Sure, we feel bad for them, but what does that do? If you could help someone who couldn’t walk, wouldn’t you want to? Well, you can!

Wheels for the World teams deliver wheelchairs to people in need all over the globe. They also share the love of Christ with them. If you have a wheelchair or other mobility equipment that’s not in use, you can donate it to Joni and Friends. They will be refurbished so they’re just like new, and given to people with disabilities. A tax deductible receipt will also be provided. So if you want to bless someone in need, spread the love and donate today!

They will be accepting manual wheelchairs of any size (NO power chairs). Manual wheelchair parts will also be accepted. Collapsible walkers, aluminum canes and crutches will be greatly appreciated as well.

If you decide to give a gift to God’s children to help the poor and give them a wheelchair or mobility, the office number for the organization Joni and Friends, which runs the progran, is (559) 227-5664, and you can go to their address 1300 E. Shaw  #135 in Fresno to drop it off, or phone the SLE coordinator at (559) 250-8846,

Be a part of something bigger than you and help out those in need!

Rachel, Tally & Greta are Minarets students enrolled in Digital Writing

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