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Minarets Student Explores Photography

Rachel Hooker photography - neices 2015 Minarets Digi Writing ClassBy Rachel Hooker —

O’NEALS – Photography is a great way to capture the best moments of life. This can mean different things to different people. I really love to capture the natural world, such as flowers opening at the first hint of light, trees shedding  morning dew, and grass bending in the wind. However, I really like to get pictures of my nieces, too, and who doesn’t like sunsets?

If I could make my own definition of photography, I’d say it’s a great way to capture great memories, and go back to them to recall that time, that smell, that taste, that sensation or feeling.

I started taking pictures a while ago, and at first, I didn’t even really care about photography because I knew nothing about it. Then, I started using this little hand-held, red camera. I went outside and loved the way the pictures turned out. So I really got into photography, and my junior year I took a class for it. Now, I have my own camera and I go outside and take pictures when it’s cool enough, or if I happen to be outside doing something.

My mom says that I’m the family photographer because I take some pretty good pictures. When we go to family events, my mom usually has me bring my camera so I can take the pictures and remember those times, and for her to post them on Facebook.

Rachel Hooker photography - blades 2015 Minarets Digi Writing ClassIt would be really cool if every school in the world had a photography class. If they did, every student would be learning each day, not only about a trade but, about themselves. In my photography class at Minarets High we took lots of different shots, including one where we were pretending to stand on someone, or pushing on something: I stand in one spot and then someone else stands far away from me. We did some creative things in Photoshop, too.

Photography is really fun and cool to learn about, especially all the different cameras there are to use. Photography has taught me a lot and I feel that I have learned a lot about it. After high school, I’m hoping to take college photography classes, and look forwarcd to getting a job in the industry.

Rachel Hooker is a student enrolled in Digital Writing at Minarets


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