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Minarets Student Awarded FFA ‘Living to Serve’ Grant

By Luke Longatti, student journalist for Minarets Press

O’NEALS — To help the community by improving the North Fork Recreation Center, Kate Hough applied for and received an FFA Living to Serve grant to aid in covering the costs. Living to Serve is a grant application for community service, environmental health, hunger, and other social and community services. Grants can be awarded per semester of up to $1,200.

Minarets’ senior and FFA secretary Kate Hough

The program is sponsored by some large companies that wish to help make a difference in communities. Minarets FFA has been awarded the grant for the spring semester for a sum of $1,150 to go toward this project.

Minarets’ senior and FFA secretary, Kate Hough, will be using the money to help improve the North Fork Recreation Center by creating new lifeguard towers and launching a community cleanup effort.

Kate Hough, a dedicated FFA member and North Fork resident, wanted this project to give back to a community that has supported her throughout her life. Hough stated, “I feel that this very important project and that improving the North Fork Recreation Center is a great opportunity to help the community, especially the kids around here.”

The idea to rebuild the lifeguard tower came after Hough approached the head of the North Fork Boosters, Cathey Thornburg, and asked what can be improved upon. Once the need was recognized, Hough was set on working to create the grant proposal. She came up with a plan, wrote the proposal, and sent it in. Kate expressed her excitement to actually hear back from the grant committee and was ecstatic when her grant request was approved.

An exact date for the project has not yet been decided but as the time approaches more information about how you can help will be available. Congratulations Kate Hough!


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