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Minarets Sports Report: Basketball, Track, Softball, Baseball

track2Written by Lizz Wiles

O’NEALS — Minarets track had their first meet of the season on Saturday, Mar. 5, at Fowler High. We claimed 4th place out of 11 overall teams in the 4×20 relay. Player BK Robinson ran the 1600 meter and claimed 5th place in 5 minutes and 4 seconds. David Fuller tackled the 100 meter and claimed 17 out of 28 at 12 seconds. Lucy Cumming got 5th place in 14 seconds on the 100 meter. Julie Castleman claimed 8th place at 4 seconds while Holly Burrows made 28 out of 35 at 16 seconds.

The coach of Minarets track team, Denise Alvarez, comments on their first meet of the season: “For it being the first of the season, it was a good, encouraging race. They realized that, even though they had little experience, they fit right in with the other teams. It was fun and a success.”

Alvarez agrees that the track players of Minarets will continue to claim success with fun and hard work throughout the season to come!


track1Due to weather conditions, baseball was cancelled all throughout last week. Varsity baseball at Fresno Christian, the Minarets vs. Mendota home game and Varsity baseball at Santa Maria are all pending new dates, while the Minarets vs. Hoover home game has been rescheduled to Friday, Mar. 18. Scores and the like will be updated on the game. Hold tight, Mustangs!

During the week of rain, Minarets student photographer, Madeline Finnegan, managed to capture the damp campus surroundings. Despite the unfortunate cancellation of Minarets sports, the aftermath of the showers was a welcome sight!


varsity softball2On Monday, Mar. 1, JV softball played against Mariposa and, unfortunately, lost with a score of 27 to 12.

Player Beth Morgan, #5, says, “Over the course of the game, we improved exponentially in the way we collaborated as a team.”

Her fellow players agree and are proud of the game, regardless of the result, due to it being the beginning of their season with many wins to come.

Minarets softball had a busy day! On the same date, Varsity played Mariposa and fought hard, however, lost with a score of 20 to zero.

jv softball3Varsity player, Faith Noland, #15, shares, “The game at Mariposa ended with a sad loss. However, the team came together as one and we worked our butts off. We did great at hitting and in the field. I’m super proud of everyone and I am very excited for the rest of our games!”

As exemplified from one of the players, the girls plan to pull together and take over the rest of the season!

Wrapping up basketball season:

Minarets High School girls Varsity basketball had a successful season, finishing second overall with a record of eight wins and two losses.

varsity girls basketball1One of those losses includes their final endeavor at Caruthers on Wednesday, Mar. 2. Unfortunately, and after a devoted battle, victory fell to our opponents with a score in their favor of 45 to 24.

Although, this last game did not result in the Varsity girls’ victory, they still remain second in the lead throughout the entire season. As well as being proud of their overall success, girls Varsity basketball at Minarets has their team banquet to look forward to, as a chance to celebrate their past season.

Lizz Wiles is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing

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