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Minarets Soccer On A Roll

Written by Minarets students —

O’NEALS — The current Minarets soccer team is now the winningest team in Minarets High School history. Sitting at 7-9-1 overall (wins, losses, ties) the varsity boys have hopes to make the playoffs this year.

A major part of this success is owed to the great chemistry between the boys. On the field they operate like a well-oiled machine, moving up and down the pitch as a unit.

Minarets picked up a win against Caruthers high, breaking a 14-winless streak against Caruthers.

For the second year in a row, Minarets won a tightly contested game against Yosemite. A 10-game losing streak against Riverdale was broken when Minarets beat them 2-1 in a hotly contested game at Riverdale.

We were on a 9-game losing streak to Parlier and this year we broke that, as well, after beating them in overtime 3-2 in a intense match at Parlier. Everyone supporting was screaming and yelling in joy.

Minarets picked up a solid team win at Fresno Christian with a 3-0 scoreline. Two wins against Mariposa highlight Minarets historic season.

This successful season is partly due to the team’s accurate passing and good teamwork.

For example, the lineup is Jesse Martin (striker), Matthew Blumberg (goal keeper), Jacob Cullen (striker), Keagan Mackey (midfielder), Cole Shattuck (midfielder), Drew Robertson (midfielder), Zemi Stacy (midfielder), David Sanchez (defender), Nick Roland (defender), Garett Press (def/mid), and Jacob Kuiper (midfielder).

“The passing, beginning with the defense and through the mid, gives us a good offensive push,” says senior striker Neil Williamson.

“For example, when I receive the ball, I usually dribble back a little bit to give the other striker time to push up and thread him the through ball. However, if I am the only striker, I will usually get the ball and try and out pace the defenders, especially if it’s a through ball.”

“We are successful because we have good team chemistry,” says senior midfielder Zemi Stacy. “I personally like everybody that I play with and that same feeling is reciprocated.”

Senior midfielder Josue Ramirez says, “I think we have improved a lot since last year, as last season was quite a disappointment for the team. This year is Minarets’ best season so far.”

This season has been a huge success for us and we have more work to do. We are going to the playoffs for the first time in Minarets High School soccer history.

We have worked very hard for this success and we will not let anything get in our way to stop us.

Written by Minarets’ student correspondents Oscar Neri and Neil Willamson 

Through the rough, stop and go season that the Minarets Mustangs soccer teams have had, they have finally entered their last week of the league season.

This week has been full for the Mustangs. To wrap up this whirlwind season our final league game is a home match against a team many of our athletes will consider a personal rival: the Caruthers Blue Raiders.

This last home game will also be our Senior Night. All the seniors from both the boys and girls varsity teams will be celebrated in front of family, friends and classmates. The varsity boys team has twelve seniors on its roster and varsity girls have nine.

With the season coming to an end, the Mustangs varsity teams are fighting their way into playoffs for a chance to win not only our division, but for a shot to play for the title of Valley Champion.

These last few games will be crucial, especially for our girls team. And with our eyes on the JV teams, next year is looking to be even better than this year has been.

Friday, Feb. 10 is the last game of the season before playoffs start the on Feb. 14 – 15.

This is one of your last chances to catch the Mustangs on the field. Come celebrate our soccer seniors in their last home game, and reflect with us what a great season this has been.

Written by Minarets’ student correspondent Ryan McDougald




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