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Minarets Show Band Rocks

By Katherine Odgers —

O’NEALS — Minarets Show Band members had the honor of performing at the Madera Compact Luncheon on Sep. 28 at the Madera Courthouse. They had been working hard on their techniques and songs for the performance and many of the songs performed varied from classic favorites like Hit Me With Your Best Shot, I Love Rock and Roll, Respect, and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough to newer songs like September, Black Horse, and Rolling in the Deep. Many new and former students played alongside teacher Brett Moglia’s band, The Yard Dogs.

There have been many experienced students involved, including senior Emily Scriven, juniors Cassidy Smart and Jayci Coon, sophomores Thor Goodman and Angelique Ortea-Sampson, along with many new faces like seniors Adam Colgin, Sydney Hamilton, and Ceciley Varian, juniors Felicity Johnson, Jacob Russell, Madeleine Vellandi, and Savannah Stout, sophomores Phoenix Bedolla and Taylyr Moglia, freshman Patricia Stockton, and eighth grader Keegan Atkinson; all are happy to be involved with Show Band. Many feel that the event featured a great performance and it gives members the ability to improve and work together.

“I liked the performance, I think everyone performed really well,” says Adam Colgin. “There’s always room to improve but, overall, it was a great success.”

For students, Show Band gives them a bigger opportunity for themselves and as a group. Jayci Coon has big goals and aspirations for herself and Show Band.

“I’m doing this alongside Show Band but I really want to improve my taste in music and compose my own songs,” says Jaci. “I wanted to be in ​​Show Band because it’s teaching me how to work with other people because, when I was little, I just played piano by myself. I didn’t play as a group so, in that way, I kind of just want to keep going and make sure new people know what they’re doing and help out.”

Many other students have their own ambitions or dreams, even just to join along the ride. Emily Scriven encourages students to join even if they’re into music but don’t have a music-related class.

“If you want to join Show Band and you don’t have any experience like choir, percussion, or anything, you can audition for Mr. Moglia or join Show Band next year,” Emily explains.

Brett Moglia, the director for Show Band says that students have really stepped up and showed some internal courage.

“There’s some things they still aren’t a hundred percent comfortable with, but they made the transition to perform the songs.”

New members who joined Show Band, and Moglia says that although a challenge, it opens up new opportunities.

“There is new energy to the songs we’ve done in the past and the new members bring a fresh focus to that,” says instructor Moglia.

Show Band had the opportunity to share the stage with Moglia’s band, who have been together for sixteen years. His goal for Show Band is to be able to perform for two hour venues in the future, and for the many shows planned for this upcoming year.

“Show Band is very challenging” he says. “It’s treated like a varsity sport because the demand is high. You don’t just come into Show Band just to be in Show Band, you have to have a certain level of talent and work ethic. There has to be a demonstration of that, either by audition or from what I’ve seen from students in class playing.”

Although the band may be challenging there is a lot of group effort and leadership that takes place.

“It’s going to be a challenging year because of all the new personnel but the opportunities will be great.”

Read the original article here on Minarets Press.

Kathryn Odgers is a student at Minarets

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