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Minarets Road Damage - photo USFS

Minarets Road To Close For Repair From Redinger Overlook To Clearwater

NORTH FORK – Last winter’s storms brought much needed rain and snow to the Sierra Nevada, creating a significant amount of runoff, causing several roads on the Sierra National Forest (NF) to sustain considerable damage due the runoff from those storms.

Sierra NF engineers recently awarded a contract to repair damage to Minarets Road (Forest Road 4S81). The road will be closed beginning Nov. 26, while repair work begins, and is expected to last about a month.

During the road closure, warning signs and barricades will be posted at the Redinger Lake Overlook above North Fork, and at Clearwater Station until project completion.

“We anticipate this construction to last 30 days, and are hoping to complete the project before the winter storms return,” said Dean Gould Forest Supervisor.

Repairing the road now is intended to lessen the chance of further increased damage occurring with the coming of winter weather. Visitors to the forest will still have access to their favorite areas within the Bass Lake Ranger District using Beasore Road (Forest Road 5S07) from Bass Lake.

Of course residents will be allowed through the closures, but the roadway will be closed to the public.

We will update with more details as the date for closure approaches.

For more information regarding the Sierra National Forest, and current road conditions please contact the High Sierra Ranger District Office in Prather, Calif., at 559-855-5355, Bass Lake Ranger District in North Fork at 559-877-2218, or the Forest Supervisor’s Office in Clovis at 559-297-0706.

You can also find information online at www.fs.usda.gov/sierra.

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