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Minarets Key Club: It’s About Giving Back

By Jazmin Neri, Claudia Vazquez, and Marissa Alvarado — 

O’NEALS — Minarets Key Club is part of a larger service organization that has supported millions of lives around the world since founded in 1925: Kiwanis.

We and other students are part of this high school club, learning lifelong skills and experiences to take with us into the real world.

We’re committed to always giving back to the community and, with every event we put on, the community always benefits. All of our profit gets donated to charities such as Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, March of Dimes, Unicef, and The Thirst Project.

Key Club members dedicate a great deal of their personal time to help put on events to benefits local schools and districts, as well as the surrounding and global community.

In the past, we have done “Boo Grams” for Halloween and the profit was passed onto Unicef, which is to help future newborns from a horrible bacterial infection known as tetanus that affects the nerves. Giving back to causes such as Unicef gives us faith that, one day, the Key Club community will come together as a whole and help the children and all of humanity around the world.

On Dec. 22, 2016, we served a pancake breakfast to our fellow students on Community Day, which is a day Minarets students volunteered around the community, striving to help out where needed. It was delightful to invite all the kids we see everyday to join us for pancakes before we went on winter break.

Seeing just one person’s day become brighter makes Minarets a better place to be. As students, we never know if kids get a breakfast like the one we served on campus, or if they even get to eat breakfast before arriving at school. We wouldn’t have been able to put on this event without the help of Kiwanis and the local community.

One upcoming Key Club event is The Ronald McDonald House, where we will be cooking chicken and vegetarian burritos for dinner on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

The Ronald McDonald house states their “mission is to help children and their families by providing an atmosphere where families can rest, reflect, and find mutual support. This home-away-from-home provides shelter and comfort to families who must travel to the area in order to receive medical treatment for their child.”

At the House, they are constantly at capacity, which is 18 families, or about 35 people. We hope to bring some kind of salad for a healthy side and make cookies for an easy dessert. The Ronald McDonald House is a very worthy cause that is always in need of help. For more information on how to serve a meal yourself or donate, visit http://rmhccv.org. We highly encourage anyone who is interested to volunteer with this wonderful cause to help out with whatever they are able to do.

Not only does Key Club work to improve the lives of others, it benefits the members involved. Since joining Key Club, we have notably become much more passionate about community service. Key Club gives everyone a chance to feel like they belong and that there is truly something for each and everyone to do for other people.

We would not be able to put on events without generous donations given to us over the years. We’re always in need of what you are able to help us with, so please contact us at (559) 868-8689 and ask for the Key Club advisor.

Jazmin Neri, Claudia Vazquez, and Marissa Alvarado are students at Minarets High School

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