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Congratulations 2014 Minarets Graduates

O’NEALS – The spirited Minarets Mustangs finished this year’s race to graduation, as the Class of 2014 took the stage for their last public appearance as high school students on Thursday, June 5. Graduates rode in two by two on their signature Mustangs – convertibles, that is – and the atmosphere was electric, as music played and the grads faced their audience.

“As I looked upon the graduates of 2014, I couldn’t help but think to myself: life as an educator is good,” said Daniel Ching, Director of Charter at Minarets High School and Minarets Charter High.

Two days after graduation, Ching reflected on the occasion in his blog, “Leading is Teaching.”

Minarets Graduation 2014  3 - photo courtesy of Minarets Media via Facebook 2014“There are so many conflicting emotions at a graduation when you are on educator. You are shocked because you can’t believe after all the work and dedication you put in, the year is suddenly over. You are sad because students who have been a huge part of your everyday life will now move on. You are excited because all of the mentoring and guidance you have given to your students will now be put to the test in the great big world outside your school.

“One thing remains constant: there are few things more rewarding than the gift of students.”

Ching continued, “Students are a gift. Parents and guardians trust us with their children. In some cases, we are some of the only family that our students have. That is a gift.

“That is a gift that almost brings me to tears when I really reflect on it. Whatever our students go on to do, the influence that has been granted to us will have an impact.

Minarets Graduation 2014  4 - photo courtesy of Minarets Media via Facebook 2014“We are able to work with students and truly play a role in the person they become. We are responsible for guiding the future of not only our students but the world in which they enter. To me this is one of the greatest gifts you could ask for.

“I will miss the class of 2014 deeply, but my excitement for the adventures to come in their lives trumps that easily. The chance to work with them for the past four years has been a gift to me. And that gift is truly inspiring.”

Click here to read Mr. Ching’s complete blog post.

Minarets’ Principal Mike Niehoff contributed to his own blog, Changing is Learning, on Sunday, June 8, having had a few days to think about the end of the academic year.

“I fully support the emphasis on the 21st Century Skills and the Four C’s – Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking,” Niehoff wrote. “However, I also think that we need to add two more C’s to the list. They represent skills that have always been relevant, crucial and gauges of success – but are even more pertinent now more than ever. They are Commitment and Contribution.

Minarets Graduation 2014  5 - photo courtesy of Minarets Media via Facebook 2014“As educators and even students reflect during this annual time of year on graduation, completion, renewal, goals, accomplishments, accolades and more, it seems we need to ask one another what was really gained or learned from any educational experience or situation.”

“As we celebrate graduations, and moving from one level to another, commitment and contribution will help define and shape the evaluation of any learning experience, as well as indicate future success. Thank you to those of you who are committed to what you do and contribute regularly to making all you do better. Above grades, awards and more, these are what define real learning and true success.”
Minarets Graduation 2014  6 Harley Giles last high school performance Rockin to Free Bird - photo courtesy of Minarets Media via Facebook 2014Click here to read Mr. Niehoff’s complete blog post.
Special thanks to photographer Tammi Kudra and Minarets Media Department.
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Congratulations to the Class of 2014!
Minarets Graduation 2014 - photo courtesy of Minarets Media via Facebook 2014Minarets graduation 2014 006 - photo by Tammi KudraMinarets Graduation 2014 9 - Thanks guys - photo courtesy of Minarets Media via Facebook 2014Minarets graduation 2014 419Minarets graduation 2014 476 - photo by Tammi KudraMinarets graduation 2014 544 - photo by Tammi KudraThrough music my soul began to soar

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