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Minarets Expansion Includes Solar, Farrowing, Softball

By Samantha Clay and Hannah Flanagan — 

O’NEALS — Minarets High School has started expanding again with many new solar panels, a farrowing house at the farm, and a brand new softball field.

There are so many different advantages coming from these new additions, we are all very excited for the future of our young school.

Minarets High School has only been around for nine years and we already have so many great facilities available to the students.

From the Media Lounge where students can create professional level media or work on online college courses to the Farm where the national champion teams get real world practice, we have built not only a school, but a family.

We have so many different opportunities available to help us for our education and futures.

With the new solar panels, we will be saving a lot of money that can be put toward new things like a soccer/football stadium, track, new grass, and farm expansion in the future.

Not only will these new solar panels save us money, but it helps out a lot with sustainable energy.

That is why our principal, Daniel Ching, is so excited to have a new softball field, which is the first new sports installation Minarets has had in quite some time, along with other enhancements installed into Minarets High School’s campus.

Samantha Clay and Hannah Flanagan are students at Minarets High Schoo l

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