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Minarets Digital Publishing Is Write On

Written by Rachel Hooker —

O’NEALS — Digital Publishing/Creative Writing at Minarets High School is a good class that is a great beginning way to be published if you ever want to be a writer. Digital publishing provides young writers with a forum to share their work. We do creative stories, school-related articles, and children’s books.

Already this year, several students in my class have had their work published, along with a couple short stories that I wrote. One of them was about photography and the other one that I wrote was about my senior project. The class provides motivation for students to produce good work because they know that it may be published by Sierra News Online.

My favorite thing about taking this class is that I get the chance to experience what I have in me to write about, and what I like to write about. I have written some amazing stories and some okay stories that didn’t turn out the way I thought they would.

This class has helped me to identify certain genres in which I excel and also ones where I may need to improve. I get to practice my skills in the areas where my writing style may be a little weak.

This class has helped me to gain the understanding that I can keep moving forward with one of my passions as a writer, and to keep moving forward with my writing.

Rachel Hooker is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing

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