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Minarets Cheer Now JV And Varsity

Minarets Cheer 2016 April per Tally ScottWritten by Tally Scott —

O’NEALS — Tryouts for the 2016-2017 Minarets cheer season saw a great turnout. Twenty-five girls tried out – more than three times what our high school had last year! Due to the fact that there are so many girls interested in cheerleading, Minarets will have both a JV and a Varsity squad for the first time ever. Students from every grade are participating, from freshmen to seniors.

IMG_2221I’m really excited to be on the team this year, and I think it’ll be great for our school to have cheerleaders again. In order to raise money for the upcoming season, we have hosted two successful bake sales, and have two more fundraisers running currently. In addition to cheering at football and basketball games, we might be entering our first competitions next year! We’re looking forward to a great season for the Minarets cheer squad.

Tally Scott is a Minarets student enrolled in Digital Writing

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