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Better luck next time, Minarets!

Minarets Boys Soccer Pushes Through Cold Night

By Derek Ray, student journalist for Minarets Press

O’NEALS — The Minarets Boys Soccer team had their most recent home game Dec. 10 against Riverdale High School. The Mustangs Varsity Team worked very hard during the game, but unfortunately left the stadium with a 6-2 loss against the Cowboys. Due to the Mustangs fall to Riverdale, they are now 1-3-2, while the Cowboys move up to 7-2-2.

Minarets struck first with a two point lead, however, the tables turned and Riverdale cut that lead in half just before halftime. After halftime, the Cowboys’ offense exploded by scoring five points to finish the game. There were many great plays made.

Temperatures that night dropped down to 46 degrees, causing injuries to happen often. The fans sat in the bleachers freezing in their coats, jackets, and sweatshirts. A wind gust blew through the air, fog came about, and the moon disappeared around 6:00 p.m.

This is the last home game for the Mustangs before the start of winter break. There are more games to be played during and after the break, including the next home game on Dec. 20 against Farmersville.

According to one of the varsity players, “Our team has stepped up from last year, this time around we actually have a win out of six games, whereas last year we were totally blown out. We have two coaches who really do a good job at helping us learn how to advance our skills. This year we’ve really developed our style playing soccer and the two coaches use a certain style to teach us and I feel that this style has been effective on how we learn and practice. Next year, I’d like to see the team work more as a unit.”

This soccer team has a long season ahead of them, so they will need to take one step at a time and make every game count. Be sure to watch future games coming up because they’re tons of fun to watch.

Link to Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fik3-WCOJQ

Article on Minarets Press: https://minaretspress4.wixsite.com/minaretspress/post/boys-soccer-pushes-through-cold-night

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