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Miller's Landing Owners Reward Neighborhood Watchdog

BASS LAKE – Kevin and Michelle Miller of Miller’s Landing are so grateful to the man who assisted with the arrest of accused thief Cristopher Baker, they are treating him to dinner at the lake.

Richard Keg, along with neighbors Dave Baggett and Rick Chard, found the wanted suspect hiding under his house on Thursday and held him at gunpoint until police arrive to take him into custody.

“We are so grateful,” says Michelle. “We know Richard was protecting his neighborhood, but we are so grateful to have that guy out of our hair.”

Baker is suspected of, and was identified by Michelle, stealing gas from the boats at Miller’s Landing over the past few weeks. Michelle says they have him on video committing the act, and that her neighbor also witnessed it happening.

“Our neighbor was driving by the dock on his way to work at 4:54 in the morning, and saw the guy coming up the dock with a gas can,” says Michelle. “He wrote down the license number, and then called us.” The license number, by the way, was from the stolen truck Baker was driving, and Michelle says it also had stolen license plates on it.

Michelle says Baker had been cutting the gas tanks out of the boats and stealing them, and that her neighbor was close enough to look the guy right in the eye, and give a detailed description to sheriff’s deputies.

After Richard Keg and his neighbors found Baker asleep in a crawl space on Thursday, the wanted man was hauled off to jail, and Michelle feels they can all breathe a little easier.

“That guy has been tormenting us,” she says. “We have him on video three times stealing from us.”

She and Kevin want to reward the man who made their day on Thursday, and is looking forward to having him enjoy dinner on them at Miller’s Landing.

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  1. David awesome job in helping catch this jerk. You deserve the dinner hope you have a great time, on top of that I’d like you to come down to the valley and I will buy you dinner as well for protecting out great state. Love you brother

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