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Mikey Ward Goes To “World Series”

Mikey WardBy Robin Ward –

OAKHURST – The South County Colts is a travel baseball team managed by Mike Molina, Steve Gallegos and Pete Ramirez coaching. They were #1 in the nation as an AAA team and were moved to Majors this year. Since the move they are #6, but are working their way up quickly.

The team is comprised mainly of athletes from the Madera area, and one from Oakhurst: Mike “Mikey” Ward. Mikey was asked to try out in the fall of 2013 and did, making the team after they had a couple good looks at his fielding, pitching and hitting abilities. From that moment on, he never looked back!

Mikey at batMikey plays for his hometown Little League during that season, Managed by dad Bill Ward, with Mark Conti, BJ Stewart, and Jonas Garner coaching. All of the Colts are encouraged to go and support their hometown teams, which is contrary to many travel clubs we know. The coaches stress the importance of being part of the Colts family, along with representing the hometown family, as well.

During the past couple of years, Mikey’s batting average has been .362 and his coaches have trusted him in pinch situations, both at the plate and on the mound.

“This group of kids are exceptional workers who bleed baseball,” says Coach Mike Molina. “Not only do they win championships, they have fun, and when they lose, they learn.”

Each one of these kids has had to do crazy fundraising to compete as much as they do, and for all who have supported Mikey, a big thank you!

Chris and Mikey Ward“The Colts will embark on a crazy endeavor next weekend,” Molina adds. “The World Series in San Diego is comprised of 40 teams that have won enough games to be there. These teams are coming from the East Coast, Hawaii, Nevada, Texas and more! The Colts are 67-7-1 and hungry for more. ”

We want to send a special shout out to all of our families and friends in the mountain area. We are so honored to be a part of such a hard working group of kids that play with passion, integrity, and grit.

Another special shout out goes to all of our Sierra Mountain Little League coaches, as well. Since the age of 4, you have worked with Mikey and made him better.

Midnight Madness champsFor Larry Jeffris, Charlie Medley, Clark Daly, Bill Ward, Jason Martina, Corey Miller, Paul Varner, BJ Stewart, Mark Conti, Jeff Bell and Jonas Garner — hats off to all of you for your time, for pushing Mikey, for teaching him to take hard knocks, and for believing in him.

Let’s wish this Mountain Colt good luck, knowing he will represent with everything he has! Go Colts!

If you are interested in being a sponsor with recognition from Pismo to LA, please contact Mikey’s mom Robin Ward (925) 216-1643

To the coaches of the South County Colts, thank you for believing in our son. He will always give 150%, but you already know that! Thank you.


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