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Michael Salvador For Sheriff – Ready On Day One

MADERA COUNTY – With the election just weeks away, and absentee ballots in the mail, we asked the two candidates running for Sheriff of Madera County for the most important things they want voters to know before casting their ballots.

Michael Salvador, current Undersheriff, didn’t hesitate. “Go to the polls,” he said.

“Voter turnout was abysmally low in June,” said Salvador. “I believe voting is one of the most important things you as a citizen can do. I’m encouraging everybody to go vote.

As for why citizens should cast their vote for him, Salvador also had ready answers.

“First and foremost, I am in the department,” he said. “I know it’s strengths, and I know that there are weaknesses. Getting started on day one to make it stronger than we currently are, and addressing those weaknesses that I see now, is my number one goal besides keeping you, the public, safe.”

Salvador says he has done at outstanding job of using his $10.5 million budget to its maximum efficiency.

Mike Salvador for Sheriff“I’ve been able to put four more deputy sheriffs out there. I’m moving people to the mountain areas now, not waiting to see what the outcome of an election is; the need is now, and I’m acting now.”

As for what distinguishes him from his opponent, Salvador says he believes there is a difference between working for a small municipality and working for the County.

“I have that experience with the County that gives me a leg up,” he says. “There isn’t a place in Madera County that I’m not comfortable being in; not a place in Madera County that I’m not comfortable working in; and I can truly promise the voters that if I’m elected, they will get a sheriff for all of the County.”

Salvador says he is making things happen, based in part on what he’s heard from residents during his campaign.

“I’ve already redeployed deputies. I’m already acting on things that the voters have asked us to do in these candidate forums. I’ve heard what the voters want, especially the voters in Eastern Madera County, and I’m already responding to those requests.”

No matter the outcome of the election, Salvador will continue to be a major force at the Sheriff’s Office, continuing as Undersheriff, or stepping into bigger shoes. However he feels his experience, drive and dedication will be best executed in the top job.

“It would be distinct honor to be your Sheriff,” he says. “You are my neighbors. I’m not asking for a job, I’m asking for a promotion.”

Meet Michael Salvador at his next campaign event on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 6 p.m., at the Coarsegold Miners Grill.

Salvador was born in Visalia and raised in Kerman, where he first served as a police officer. He moved to Madera in 1991 and after working as a Sergeant for the Chowchilla Police Department, he moved on to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office in 1997, where he was promoted to Lieutenant in 2003, and Undersheriff in 2013. Salvador earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology at California State University, Fresno, in 1990. He has supervised patrol shifts in both patrol divisions, and has experience in the Sheriff’s Office in budgeting, grant management, human resources, and project management.

To learn more about Michael Salvador, his background and plans for the future, visit his website at or on Facebook at Salvador4Sheriff.

Endorsements for Michael Salvador include –

John Anderson, Madera County Sheriff

Doug Binnewies, Mariposa County Sheriff

Mike Boudreaux, Tulare County Sheriff

Dave Robinson, Kings County Sheriff

Edward Bates, Retired Madera County Sheriff

Michael Kime, Retired Chief of Police, City of Madera (former opponent in the race)

Dennis Fairbanks, Retired CHP Sergeant (former opponent in the race)

Greg Noll, Fresno Police Sergeant (former opponent in the race)

Mike Reynolds, author of California’s Three Strikes Law

Grow Elect, a Political Action Committee that recruits, endorses, trains, and funds Latino Republican candidates for public offices.

Sierra Star, Oakhurst newspaper

Vern Moss, Madera County Board of Supervisors (retired)

Patty Manfredi, Madera County Board of Supervisors (retired)

Sally Bonprezzi, Madera City Council

Cathie Bustos, Madera County Board of Education, Trustee

Al Galvez, Madera County Board of Education, Trustee

Ray Seibert, Madera Unified Board of Education, Trustee

Robert Garibay, Madera Unified Board of Education, Trustee

Jose Rodriguez, Madera Unified Board of Education, Trustee

Ric Arredondo, Madera Unified Board of Education, Trustee

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