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Met Heroes Reach Their Goal! Theater To Re-Open!

OAKHURST – After two months of sleepless nights, dogged determination and a never-say-die attitude, the Met Heroes have won the day!

As the deadline approached, at 8:18 p.m. this evening, Monday, Dec. 31, the tireless team of Matt Sconce, James Nelson, Keith Walker, all their family and friends, and a host of community volunteers, reached their goal of 3,000 subscribers, and the Met Cinemas will reopen!“So now the real work begins,” says Sconce, who tells us they will not being taking New Year’s Day off to relax. “We’ll have a nice quiet evening with our families, and then back to work tomorrow!”

They plan to get busy cleaning and servicing the projectors, and getting the place in shape to re-open. Because they were right down to the wire reaching their goal, they have several weeks of work to do before they will be ready to open. Look for the big day somewhere in mid to late January.

Sconce credits the community with the victory; stepping up and doing what it took to save something that is so important to Oakhurst.

Along with dozens of volunteers who stepped up to carry signs and get the word out, wives Amy Nelson and Heather Sconce, along with doggie heroe “Missy” were on-hand at the theater day after day, on the phone and on the street corner, keeping the momentum going and the drive alive. The 3,000th member was appropriately named “Cash.”

Sconce encourages people to keep signing up “and telling your friends so we can upgrade faster and faster and make this theater shine with the light of Epicnocity!”

He also reminds people that no one will be charged for their membership until the doors open in a few weeks.

Giving all the credit to the community who came out to support the Met, and put their money on the line, Sconce says, “Even with this bad economy, these folks fought to hang onto something that matters to them – our local theater. They did it, they saved our theater!”

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