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Met Cinemas To Reopen On Friday

OAKHURST – After a monumental effort by the community and the three new owners, the Met Cinema will reopen on Friday, Mar. 1.

“We have succeeded in locking in five movies, and we will be opening,” says Matt Sconce who led the charge to save the Met with friends James Nelson and Keith Walker.

**Update- No movies today…this is from the Save the Met Team

We are experiencing some technical difficulties and will now not be showing movies or assigning member cards for the rest of today.
We are sorry to all of you that came out or planned to come out today. We appreciate each and every one of you and are working hard to resolve the issue. We will not be charging anyone’s credit card until we show movies. We will have all these movies for the entire week so you will have a chance to see them. Thank you for your patience.

Movie times for tommorow if issues are resolved: Here

“As our members requested, we have some of the big movies that were missed, and after the Academy Awards last night, we are even more excited about our lineup,” says Sconce. “Keep checking our marquees to see what they will be.”

Sconce also encourages residents who have not yet done so, to sign up and become members at the theater.

The three local entrepenuers, Sconce, Nelson and Walker, launched a massive campaign to save the Oakhurst theater after it closed abruptly on Nov. 1, 2012.

Putting in place a business model to make it a subscription-based theater, the group formed a company called Movie Heroes, Inc., and began organizing a “Save The Met” movement, spearheaded by friends and family, and residents determined to save their local theater.

They rallied on street corners, made phone calls all over the mountain area, and by the deadline of Dec. 31, had signed up the 3,000 members needed to implement their new business model.

Over the past two months, the group has worked tirelessly to clean up and refurbish the five cinemas, doing repairs and upgrades. Now they are ready to open the doors and invite the mountain community out to the movies.

Sconce wants to thank those who made it all possible, including Sally J Walker, Catherine Nixon Nelson, Gary Sconce, Judy Zendner and family, Christine and family, Heather Sconce, Amy Nelson “and all our Met Heroes. We could not have done this without you! We are Opening!!!”

Everyone can still sign up to become members at

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