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Met Cinema Prepares For Feb. 1 Opening

OAKHURST – Work is underway at the Met Cinemas getting everything into ship-shape condition for their much-anticipated reopening on Feb 1.

Met Heroes are out in force scrubbing and cleaning, patching and painting, and checking everything from carpets to projectors.New owner Matt Sconce’s dad Gary has been working hard on the Met One side. “Finished with drywall in the Met One lobby and bathrooms,” Gary posted on the Met Heroes Facebook page. “Seriously, there were at least 1,000 holes from years of tacks and nails!”

After pulling nails, tacks and screws, and repairing water damage from a past roof leak and “an angry elbow hole in the boy’s bathroom,” Gary says after 12 hours of work, the entire Met One is ready for a fresh coat of paint.

Cleaning seats at the Met photo Amy NelsonMatt and co-owner Keith Walker are busy inspecting all the projectors and audio equipment to make sure it is in perfect working order when the Met opens. James Nelson, the third member of the ownership team, has been uploading hand-written records from past years into a computer database.

Judy Zendner, owner of Advanced Building Maintenance, and her son Andrew have been cleaning all the theater seats and cup holders, and will tackle the carpets next.

Matt Sconce wants every to keep telling their friends to sign up to be Met Heroes. “We are still taking signups and the more the merrier! Join us and sign up, no one will be charged until the doors open. Watch more movies, pay less money, and be a part of saving the theater.

People are invited to stop in at the Met between noon and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, or call the theater at 683-3456 during those hours. Folks can also sign up at

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