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L-R Cameraman Josh Barba, Cameraman, On Air Talent Ian Pincus, Producer/Director Clarissa Raimondo

Meet Yosemite High’s Sports Broadcast Team

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By Aaron Arroyo and Ian Pincus — 

OAKHURST — The Yosemite High School Sports Marketing class kicked off the school year by partnering with the NFHS Network to bring live coverage of Yosemite High sports straight to your laptop, tablet or phone through their website or NFHS app.

Students participating in the class are learning production techniques including recording, announcing, and the use of live production software to enhance the broadcast. By learning how to be part of a production team, students learn skills that can lead to internships at radio, television and news programs. Eventually students can land jobs in those respective fields.

This was Yosemite’s first year doing production and we have had a small but loyal following. We are hoping to expand next year to doing most of our away games as well as the games already covered this year. Eventually, we would like to get to a point where we have multiple cameras and crews to cover all games during the school year.

One other positive addition to the broadcasts is that local businesses can get involved by advertising during the productions. For $100 dollars businesses can be a title sponsor for a game of their choice. For $200, they can be the sponsor of three games. Additionally, businesses can become annual title sponsors for $1000. For $1000, businesses are mentioned during every broadcast, as well as their logo being placed on the broadcast software. As well as being mentioned during every broadcast, businesses also receive advertising on the Yosemite Athletics websight, and a banner at Badger Stadium.

Students and parents can pay $9.99 a month for a membership to the NFHS Network. Additionally, an annual membership can be had for $60 for the entire year.

Aaron Arroyo and Ian Pincus are students at Yosemite High School

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