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From left to right, sitting: Francoise Upton, Jaime Collins, Elna Philber, Debbie Wass, Sally Punte. Standing left to right: Dan Horner, Belinda Gilber, Julie Richard, Linette St. Vrain.

Mariposa Master Gardener Award Recipients

MARIPOSA — Mariposa Master Gardeners started the new year off nicely by announcing honors for members.

Belinda Gilbert was named Volunteer of the Year, while special thanks of appreciation was offered for the contributions of office manager, Debbie Wass. Elna Philbert was awarded Honorary Status and Bob Labozetta was recognized as the Rising Star.

Receiving a bee pin for 100 hours of service were Michael Beaudoin, Jaime Collins, Kristen Elgen, Bob Labozetta, Jeri O’Neal, Julie Richard, Linette St. Vrain, and Francoise Upton.

Receiving a trowel pin for 250 hours of service were Lynn Breshears and Patti Sue Ogletree. The watering can pin for 500 hours of service was bestowed on Dan Horner. Milestones of 750 hours for Sally Punte and 2,500 hours for Betty Massey were achieved and honored, as well.

Congratulations and many thanks!

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