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Mariposa Fire Safe Council Offers Free Chipping Program

MARIPOSA COUNTY — In the aftermath of the Detwiler Fire, the Mariposa County Fire Safe Council is offering a free chipping program for all Mariposa County residents.

One of the biggest sources of fuel for wildfires are small, fine fuels such as downed branches and brush. With this program in place, the goal is to chip these branch piles and lessen the damage of future wildfires.

To qualify for this program, customers must meet the following guidelines:

1. All cut parts of the limbs must be faced out towards the driveway
2. All piles must be within 10 feet of the driveway
3. All limbs must be no wider than 5 feet
4. All limbs shall be 6 inches in diameter or less
5. Piles must be no high than 4 feet and free of any trash or metal

Unfortunately at this time, the Council cannot offer a free downed tree removal service to any more Mariposa County residents. They are actively looking for grants to address the mitigation and removal of downed dead trees.

While downed trees do present a fire hazard, the easiest way to mitigate the chance of wildfire is to focus on creating a defensible space on your property. Removing fine, flashy fuels from a 100-foot defensible space will harden your home and community from wildland fire events.

A space is considered “defensible” when hazardous materials such as manzanita, tree limbs, deer brush, dry grass, are removed from a 100-foot zone around your home.

“We hope to help create a safer environment for all Mariposa County residents with our free chipping service,” says the Fire Safe Council.

Click here to visit the Mariposa County Fire Safe Council online.

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