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Mariposa County Sees Increase In Crime For 2017

MARIPOSA COUNTY — The Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office has released their annual crime statistics for 2017. The numbers show an increase in almost all areas, including a 38 percent rise in the number of burglaries (see chart below).

“We have felt the increase during the past year and this has been somewhat expected,” says Sheriff Doug Binnewies. “However, post-reform crime trends are showing wide disparities throughout the state and its counties.”

Sheriff Binnewies says his department expects to see this trend continue into the future, and strengthening the relationship between deputies and residents is vital.

“It’s a clear reminder of the continued importance for local law enforcement and the community to continue to work closely together,” he says, “sharing information and most importantly, for the community to feel comfortable in reporting crime and things they feel are suspicious.”

The sheriff says that the majority of thwarted street crime is derailed because of an observant citizen — a community member seeing something out of place or unusual and making a quick call to the Sheriff’s Office.

“This allows the deputies to respond and look into the situation, whether it’s a suspicious vehicle at mailboxes or a trespasser on a property.”

The ability of deputies to be proactive and quickly investigate, or to rapidly respond and prevent crime from happening, is the path to a continued safe community and a comfortable environment for residents, says Sheriff Binnewies.

“Mariposa County has proven to do this very well, and I believe that we need to continue to prioritize this model.”

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