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Mariposa County Declares Local ‘Health Emergency’

MARIPOSA — Late Friday, officials in Mariposa County issued a local health emergency declaration in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Here is the county’s complete emergency declaration statement:

“Today, Mariposa County is proclaiming a local health emergency to ensure public health professionals have all necessary tools at their disposal to keep the community safe in its response to the novel coronavirus disease 2019, also known as COVID-19. The proclamation of a public health emergency does not signify an increased risk to the residents of Mariposa County. At this time, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mariposa County.

Additionally, a mandatory order has been issued by Mariposa County Health Officer Dr. Eric Sergienko. The order requiresthe cancellation of mass gatherings in the County, and follows direction from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). We ask all event organizers to comply with the following recommendations:

  • All events that have more than 250 participants shall be canceled or postponed..
  • All events that may have fewer than 250 participants where it is not feasible to maintain social distances of six feet
    shall be canceled or postponed.
  • Gatherings for those who are at high risk of severe illness, such as those older than 60, those with existing heart or
    lung disease, and those with diabetes, shall not exceed more than ten participants who are at high risk.

As recommended by the CDPH, this order will take effect from today’s date until March 31, 2020, and could be extended as we continually evaluate the COVID-19 outbreak.

“This is a critical moment in the growing outbreak of COVID-19 in the state, and decisive action is needed to slow the spread of the disease,” said Dr. Eric Sergienko, Mariposa County Health Officer. “We have weighed the potential benefits to the community’s health against the disruptive effects that these recommendations could have. These decisions were not made lightly, and recommendations are based on the best information we have at this time.”

The Mariposa County Public Health Branch continues to encourage that the public to plan ahead for potential disruption to daily life at work, school or home that could result from potential community spread in the future. Public Health is working with partners in health care, education, business, law enforcement and others to prepare.”

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