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Making A Mustang With Evana Holevas

By Mary Uribe and Maisy Fronteras —

O’NEALS — Minarets High School opened its doors 10 years ago, and senior Evana Holevas decided that for her Senior Legacy Project (SLE), she would make a mosaic of a mustang that would include pictures from last 10 years of the school.

She got the idea over the summer and started working on the project two weeks after school started. Throughout the months, she searched for pictures and used Photoshop to help her with the design. After eight months of work, Evana finished the final mosaic, which features over 2,500 photos of students and teachers from the last decade.

The final mosaic will be placed in the front office as well as the building 600 hallways on the screens. Like any great SLE, her legacy will live in this school long after she graduates.

Read the original article on Minarets Press.

Mary Uribe and Maisy Fronteras are Minarets students.

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