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Make A Fun Flea Market Garden Sign

Whether found at a Flea market, craft show or in a friend’s garden, most fun garden signs can easily be made yourself with a few simple materials. I love clever garden sayings and also thoughtful quotes I find for garden signs. “Live for today” is a favorite! Also, I like Thomas Jefferson’s quote, ‘Though an old man, I am but a young gardener.”* Do you have a favorite?

Garden signs are blooming…

Judy Enzmann's 'Pretty in Pink' garden sign

Judy Enzmann’s ‘Pretty in Pink’ garden sign

Judy Enzmann’s sign is made from Masonite and painted to match the nearby flowers,…’Time to Blossom!’

Debbie Haer

Debbie Haer “Primitive Gardens” handpainted and easy on weathered barn wood.

Marie Niemann's sign, one of my favorite's, hangs near the patio where she relaxes at the end of a busy day.  Yep, it's that time!

Marie Niemann’s sign, ‘Rite Time!’

Marie Niemann’s sign, one of my favorites, hangs near the patio where she relaxes at the end of a busy day. A router was used to make the letters and ‘Margarita colored’ paint, of course, wasused to fill them in Yep, it’s that time!

Claire McLean  Bend in the Driveway Garden

Claire McLean Bend in the Driveway Garden

Claire McLean’s “Bend in the Driveway” garden sign looks fun and easy to make, hand painted and colored in. Use pictures from the ‘net’ as a guide to shape and color.

Brian Stephan caution sign

Brian Stephan caution sign

Brian Stephan says, jokingly, “Meanwhile, the bigger guys put out a warning sign.” Brain’s sign was cut out in a watering can shape with a jig saw and hand painted.

Linda Lou Miller's adorable sign was also scroll sawed and hand painted. "Come on in. My day's fowled up already!"

Linda Lou Miller’s adorable sign was also jig-sawed and hand painted. “Come on in. My day’s fowled up already!”

Jean Morrow "Beware the Snapdragons"

Jean Morrow “Beware the Snapdragons”

Jean Morrow says, “I have been a garden junker for many years and this is share one of my favorite garden signs.” Jean’s sign has the look of wood burning, but was painted to look so.

Jennifer Skelton's cat knows what he likes...

Jennifer Skelton’s cat knows what he likes…

Jennifer Skelton tells us, “Rustic roadside vegetable signs made from old picket fences…I used outdoor paints and a lettering kit. Our cat, a large breed Maine Coon mixed with Tabby, looks to be checking my spelling on each sign…Broccoli seemed to be of great concern to him!”

How To? Easy!

  1. Sand wood, weathered barn wood, Masonite, or any hard wood meant for exterior use.
  2. If desired, cut out a shape with a jig saw and sand edges
  3. Write out wording and outline of flowers in pencil
  4. Use house paint or exterior paint on sanded wood.
  5. Seal with clear polyurethane.

Good saws:

SKIL 4390-01 5 Amp Jig Saw

Rockwell RC3748 5-Amp Orbital Variable Speed Jigsaw

Your right to assemble!

Signs can also be assemblages, using odd bits and pieces of rusty junkola, fibers like Melissa’s, and nuts and bolts like Linda’s (below).

'Cardinal Rules'

‘Cardinal Rules!’

Melissa from Empress of Dirt tells us, “I wanted something to brighten the winter garden and challenged myself to make this garden sign entirely from pieces found around the house. I used rush seating twine for the letters and attached the pieces with upholstery tacks. Someone gave me an entire roll, 300 feet, so I’ve been thinking up projects for it.”

Linda Gladman's unique sign 'I love RUST!'

Linda Gladman’s unique sign ‘I love RUST!’

Linda Gladman confides, ”Rainy days bring creativity and here’s a little sign I made yesterday.”

Billie Hayman's 'found' sign 'Garden of Weedin'

Billie Hayman’s ‘found’ sign ‘Garden of Weedin’

Sometimes you find just the right sign at a show or sale, like this favorite garden saying. Billie Hayman says, “I bought this sign for a song. Love it!”

Lynn Paterson's fun directional sign!

Lynn Paterson’s fun directional sign!

Lynn Paterson says, “Eight foot pole welcomes everyone to my home….all my favorite places – with room for more additions!”

Directional signs call for a center post and signs can point to all your family’s cities or different areas within your garden, as well. Fun!

Marge Yetzke My garden Shed

Marge Yetzke shows ‘My garden Shed’

Marge Yetzke shows a very French sign on her garden shed easily made with paint on weathered barn wood. I love how Marge hung it with chain on an old cattle yoke.

Sue Gerdes "Home Sweet Home"

Sue Gerdes “Home Sweet Home”

Sue Gerdes of Flea2Fab show her unique sign, , “Home Sweet Home.” An edge of watery aqua tile is set just inside the creamy white frame and then is lined with clear flat ‘gems.’ She says, “I love windows! The letters are painted and on the back side so had to paint them backwards…I love a challenge!”

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