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Madera County Math Tournament Results

Coarsegold 7th: (L to R) Summer Alberta, Ava Stanley, Victoria Zavala,Robby Gresham, Aiden DeSanders. Coached by Robert Jackson.

MADERA COUNTY — Sherman Thomas STEM Academy swept the overall Madera County Math Tournament and took first place for both the 7th and 8th grade competitions on Friday.

Ranchos Middle School came in second place in the overall 7th grade math competition and Coarsegold Elementary School placed third. Dairyland Elementary Schools 8th grade team placed second in the competition and Oak Creek Intermediate School placed third at the 8th grade level.

Fourteen schools and more than 150 students participated in the Math Tournament hosted by Madera County Superintendent of Schools and Madera County Schools Foundation. Each grade competed in a separate competition. Students took four tests: Leap Frog, Circuit Training, Mad Hatter, and Relay Race at the Madera Center. Sherman Thomas came in first place in all competitions.

During the Circuit Training competition teams were given 20 questions and 2 minutes per question, moving through a circuit. Sherman Thomas STEM Academy placed first in the Circuit Training 7th grade competition. Coarsegold Elementary and Eastin-Arcola Elementary Schools tied for second, followed by Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in third place. Sherman Thomas STEM Academy won the 8th grade competition followed by Ranchos Middle School. Oak Creek Intermediate and Thomas Jefferson Middle Schools tied for third.

Oak Creek: 8th Grade Leap Frog Team Members (L to R) Ashley Rossen and LoraHolladay. Coached by Jennifer Bodine.

During the Leap Frog competition, teams of two students each answered 25 questions on their own, then switched tests and worked together to correct and complete their partners test. Sherman Thomas STEM Academy won the 7th and 8th grade competitions, followed by Ranchos Middle School. Wilson Middle School placed third. The 8th grade second place winner was Rivergold Elementary School followed by Dairyland Elementary School.

Teams of two students answered 20 questions that were displayed on a screen in 45-second intervals during the Mad Hatter competition. Sherman Thomas STEM Academy came in first in the 7th grade competition. Mountain Home Charter School and Ranchos Middle School tied for second and Coarsegold Elementary School placed third. Sherman Thomas STEM Academy won
the 8th grade competition with a perfect score. Coarsegold Elementary, Oak Creek Intermediate, and St. Joachim Schools tied for second place and Mountain Home Charter School placed third.

Students raced to answer questions during the Relay Race. Sherman Thomas STEM Academy placed first in both competitions. Ranchos Middle School placed second in the 7th grade competition followed by Eastin-Arcola Elementary School. Dairyland Elementary School placed second in the 8th grade competition and Coarsegold Elementary and Ranchos Middle Schools placed third.

“We were happy to host the Math Tournament,” says Dianna Marsh, Assistant Superintendent, Madera County Superintendent of Schools. “Every year it grows and students are competing at higher and higher levels. It’s such an exciting day, with fun team competitions, outdoor activities, and a lot of math!”

The event was held at the Madera Center and schools were allowed 11 students per team.

Photos courtesy of Madera County Office of Education

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