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Madera County Election Results June 2018

MADERA COUNTY – One hundred percent of the precincts have reported in Madera County and the votes have been counted. Here are the results:


District Attorney

David Linn                              22.29%     3,744

Paul Hornick                          33.29%     5,592

Sally Moreno                          44.34%     7,449

District 5 Supervisor

H. Nokomis Hernandez           3.55%          257

Marc Sobel                             45.69%      3,308

Tom Wheeler                          50.64%      3,666

District 2 Supervisor

Al Galvez                                33.93%       1,023

David Rogers                           65.80%     1,984

Superior Court Judge Office 2

Brian Austin                           50.58%     8,667

Carol Moses                          49.24%     8,438

Running Unopposed:

  • Jay Varney, Sheriff
  • Brett Frazier, District 1 Supervisor
  • Gary Svanda, Assessor
  • Todd Miller, Auditor
  • Rebecca Martinez, County Clerk/Recorder
  • Tracy Kennedy Desmond, Tax Collector/Treasurer
  • Cecilia Massetti, Superintendent of Schools

For Madera County results, visit votemadera.com.

For state-wide results visit https://vote.sos.ca.gov

All results on election night are NOT OFFICIAL. The official results will not be certified until the completion of the Official Canvass, which shall commence on June 7 and continue daily until completed. The County Clerk/Recorder staff has 30 days to complete the Official Canvass. Upon completion, the County Clerk/Recorder shall produce a Certification of Results and Statement of the Vote.

June 8 is the last day to receive ballots by mail, and the last day to return an unsigned ballot statement is June 13.

If any candidate receives 50 percent plus one vote, they win the election, and will not be on the ballot in November.

If no candidate for an specific office earns over 50 percent of the vote, the top two finishers only will be on the ballot in November.


  1. Can you tell us how is it that the DA results are only 87% reported at the same time the District 5 is at 91%. They were on the same ballot.

  2. It’s good to see Tommy Wheeler won the district 5 vote. He is with out a doubt one of the finest politicians to be voted in. He will do us proud! Congrats Tom!

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