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Lunch With Gal Pals at Bread Head Kitchen

Sometimes us gals just need to find a good excuse to get together and we tried out Oakhurst’s new restaurant, Bread Head Kitchen, for our adventure.

Where: 40278 Rd 425 A, Oakhurst
Date: November 13, 2019

We had heard about a new restaurant in Oakhurst but I wasn’t sure if they had really opened up yet. Some of my gal pals got to talking and one of them said, yes they are. None of had been to this new restaurant in town called Bread Head. So, we decided we were overdue for a gal’s lunch and paid them a visit. About a week ahead of time I started looking at their menu online to see what I might order. We sat and talked, laughed and caught up on our lives while we waited to order. Why have we waited so long to get together?

The Strawberry Fields Salad looked good but since they serve breakfast all day, a big breakfast for lunch also sounded like it would hit the spot. Should I try their hamburger? That is always a good way to try out a new restaurant. But the Herb Chicken Sandwich sounded yummy.

OK, I knew what I was going to order, then our waitress (and owner) shared a special of 3 different avocado salsa toasts on english muffin. Now, that sounded good too.

Two of us chose the Strawberry Fields Salad and one ordered the Avocado Salsa Toast.










And what did I pick? Well, I went with the Herb Chicken Sandwich and since they recommended their fresh fruit salad for the side, I went with that. The sandwich was delicious with aoli sauce and so much that I brought half of it home with me. tomorrow’s lunch is going to be a good one with my leftovers. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of it. I couldn’t wait to dig in and totally forgot to take that picture. But just in case you were wondering what that yummy fruit salad looked like, here is a picture of it from Bread Head Kitchen’s Facebook page:

The purpose of this blog wasn’t to provide a review but share an adventure at a new restaurant in our area. I was also a little curious to learn a little more about the restaurant. After our lunch, I stayed behind and talked with two of the owners Nik Mizuno and Shane Marrone. I learned that they were in a period of time that they were calling a soft opening, giving them to time to refine their menu and processes. I asked them to describe Bread Head Kitchen and they said it was a “fresh food kitchen.” They are open 7 am til 3 pm and if you have a crowd, they take reservations. They are located where Pop’s used to be and there was no sign on the restaurant when we visited but I bet you can find it easily at the corner of Road 425A and Hwy 41.

We are looking forward to trying another restaurant soon so stand by for our next culinary adventure!

P.S.: After I wrote and posted this blog to the server, I discovered from the latest SNO Club Newsletter that Bread Head Kitchen has a coupon for SNO Club members:

Enjoy $5 off any purchase at Bread Head Kitchen in Oakhurst. Just mention to your server that you are SNO Club member and give them your name – that’s it! (one-time use – expires 12-22-2019)


Bread Head Kitchen Home Page

Bread Head Kitchen Facebook Page

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