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Low Snow in Nipinnawasee

The official measurement at my weather station is 6.5 inches of snow and light snow is still lightly falling as I write this.

Here is what I work up to at first light this morning.

Sally and I got our snow outfits on and took a little walk around the neighborhood. Sally just loves the snow!

Low Snow 2

Low Snow 3

The red bark of the manzanitas was so pretty with the snow.

Low Snow 4

Low Snow 5

The Ponderosa Pine bark still had snow clinging to it.

Low Snow 6

Low Snow 7

Low Snow 8

Even old fence posts and barbed wire were pretty in the snow.

Low Snow 9

Low Snow 10

It is a challenge to catch Sally in a still moment when she is loving that snow.

Low Snow 11

Low Snow 12

Everyday things take on a new and exciting look in the snow.

Low Snow 13

Low Snow 14

Low Snow 15

I think it is a good day to stay home and enjoy the views from your place or computer. If you do need to get out, please be careful with the icy roads.

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  1. Awesome pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

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