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Love For Resale Inspires New Shop

OAKHURST – Amanda Williams’ affection for all things thrift-store began when she was just a little girl. Now, she’s expanding and rebranding her business, formerly the Kids Corner, with the opening of Mountain Resale in a new location just doors away from the old one, on Road 426.

“My mom grew my love for thrift stores when I was really little. Some of my favorite childhood memories are with her shopping at secondhand stores,” explains Amanda, herself the mother of two little kids. “I carried that love all the way into adulthood and I take pride in dressing my family well and decorating my home beautifully, all from secondhand items.”

Mountain Resale will occupy the space previously held by the Produce Place.

Many in the community already know Amanda as the owner of Kids Corner, in a different suite at the same location. Now, her passion for resale is driving her desire to carry more than just kids’ clothes. The new place will feature adult clothes, furniture, household goods and more.

“I want people to be able to come, shop, and find special things for their entire home and their whole family,” she says. The retail/resale game is not an easy one to play in a town filled with thrift stores, so it’s important Amanda’s vision is clear for what the store will be.

“We want our items to be so high quality that people would never know you bought it used. We are very selective when it comes to what we sell. All of our clothing is wearable, relevant and cute. If you wouldn’t buy it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, then we won’t carry it in our shop.”

Mountain Resale logoMountain Resale offers consignment for furniture with options for customers to receive a percentage of sales or store credit with a deep discount.

Those who are attached to Amanda’s shop just the way it was, with kids-only items, will not be disappointed with the new outlet.

“We are still going to carry a ton of kids items, even more than we have in our space now,” reassures Amanda. “We’re just expanding on what we already have and bringing in new things, too.”

Meanwhile, Amanda’s littlest “employees” are her biggest inspiration.

“My oldest son Christopher, 5, is in kindergarten, and loves helping at the shop,” reports the proud proprietor. “My Joshy, 3, has the smile that greets everyone who comes in. Being a working mom at the store is such a blessing for our family. I love that I can work while still spending time with my kids. It does get hard if they’re tired or grumpy, but at the end of the day it’s always worth it.”

Another indispensable asset is Amanda’s husband, Ryan, whose “real” job is as a cook at Ducey’s.

“He is responsible for all the heavy lifting around Mountain Resale,” she says, giving credit where credit is due. “He fixes everything from light bulbs to doors, and hangs all the shelves and is basically the handyman whenever we need it. He has been amazingly supportive.”

While the transition from smaller to bigger-and-better is tricky, Amanda is about as sure-footed as one can be, and is busy trying to make sure “everything gets done.”

“I am learning the balance between work and home and how to fit all the important things in, but it’s not always easy. The best part is being able to watch our business and family grow at the same time. I like being able to meet all the people in our wonderful community while doing something I love.”

Mountain Resale is located at 49333 Road 426, Suite D, in Oakhurst. Phone (559) 641-7774 for more information, or visit the Facebook page for Kids Connection as Amanda transitions to the new business name.

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