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Looking Back at 2019’s Sunsets

Watching a sunset is one of my teeny tiny adventures. Why do I love sunsets? Part of their beauty is the surprise of discovering just what kind of sunset it will become. 2019 sure treated us to some beautiful sunsets and I took a look back through my photos. December 31st was a dandy sunset, ending a year of many amazing sunsets, each one unique.

Just like adventures, our sunsets came in all shapes, sizes and colors. November 14 had one of those more colorful ones.

Every once in a while a very unique pattern revealed itself in the final colorful light like this one did on October 14.

Sunsets have different phases. Some start out grey then bloom with their final color for just a second or two like this one on September 5 did.

Dramatic is the best word to describe the sunset on March 12.

February 19th’s sunset also ended the day with a bit of drama to it.

A lone cloud did its best to show off on February 17.

January 29 had a gloomy look to the end of the day.

I know that I am not alone when I watch the sunset start to take shape, then marvel at its beauty. If you are with someone, you can’t help but point it out to them and if you are by yourself, you just kind of say “wow” to yourself. To the readers of my blog I wish you many amazing sunsets in 2020!


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