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Image of Graydon Kennels.
Graydon Kennels

Long Time Local Business to Close Due to Covid-19

COARSEGOLD – Dec. 1, 2020 – Amanda Steen, Co Owner of Graydon Kennels is announcing the difficult decision to close her Father’s legacy.

Our small business is closing December 31st, 2020 due to the struggles of the COVID Pandemic. “I want to thank all clients who supported Graydon Kennels throughout the years and after my Father passed away in 2018.”

Graydon Kennels was founded in 1975 by Michael Steen who excelled as a Professional Dog Trainer.

One of his many accomplishments was graduating from police dog obedience/ protection school back in May of 1979 from Mandelyn Kennels as a Certified Master Dog Trainer.  Over the years, he worked heavily with police dogs, personal protection dogs, field dogs, general obedience, and boarding.

“I’ve been studying dogs my whole life. I had an idea as to what worked and what didn’t work and what I was willing to do to get results without bait, punishment or fancy equipment”.  This is a quote Amanda found from an article from many years back.

All who knew Michael Steen or ever had an animal trained by him understood the passion he had for his profession and his pure talent. He showcased his ability in public obedience classes, and private sessions for years pulling an untrained dog out of the class and demonstrating his next lesson.

“Love is a given, but respect is earned” as Michael Steen always shared with his clients. He truly believed any dog could be trained with success and a well trained animal would live a much happier life being a true part of the family.

Michael Steen was a big supporter in the community: to list a few, educational information for “Puppies in the Park”, sponsoring medals for the annual EMC SPCA Animal Faire, Judging at Fresno Fairgrounds, a recognized FFA parent, a member of  The Chamber of Commerce, and a huge Rodeo supporter of Coarsegold Rodeo and the Exceptional Kids Rodeo which has now been renamed in his Memory.

After the passing of Michael Steen in 2018, Amanda stated, “My goal overseeing Graydon Kennels was to make my Father proud, and I believe he would be”.

My sister, Alison and I have grown up in the business and will miss all the amazing clients and pets. “Caring for animals has always been a huge part of my life and always will” Amanda explains.

A final quote from Michael Steen, “Dogs have been good to me and my family”.

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