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Loggers Jamboree - photo by Vicki Blair-Hamilton

Loggers Jamboree At North Fork Rec Center This Weekend

NORTH FORK – The annual Mid-Sierra Loggers Jamboree returns to the North Fork Rec Center this weekend, July 7 and 8.

Sponsored by the North Fork Boosters, this is the 59th year for this much-anticipated event, paying tribute to the loggers of times past and those who are still keeping the tradition alive today.

“Participants in the Jamboree help us appreciate and honor the loggers’ craft and hard work, while keeping us entertained throughout the competition,” say the Boosters.

All proceeds from the Jamboree go into the North Fork Boosters General Fund, to keep local facilities, programs and events going year after year.

In addition to the hot competition in the arena, there are local food vendors and crafts to purchase, and if you feel the need to cool off you can head down to the swimming area for a dip in Willow Creek.

Here is the Schedule of Events for the weekend:

Saturday, July 7th

8 a.m. – Gates open

8 – 9 a.m. – Sign-ups for Pro-Am

10 a.m. Pro-Am Competition, Junior Axe Throw, Jason Taylor Axe Throw

Noon – Horseshoe Tournament – Pitching shoes is an annual tradition, in memory of Tim Punkin. The horseshoe pitching tournament is expected to attract some worthy competition. Entry fee is $5. The tournament teams will be chosen by lottery and winners will be awarded after double elimination. Sign up on Saturday at the horseshoe pits or contact the tournament chairman Dale Tex at 559-224-1705 or Erin at 559-652-1557

5 p.m. – Main Street Loggers Jamboree Parade

6 p.m. – Community dinner at the Town Hall. The Little Logger and Little Princess winners will be announced. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids under 12 years


8 p.m. – The Woodchoppers Ball features Jesse Daniel and the Slow Learners. Be sure you don’t miss out! The Ball is a great time for everyone. On Saturday night visitors and locals come together to dance the night away at the Rec Center. The Woodchoppers Ball is meant for anyone who likes foot stompin’ music, hootin’ and hollering! In North Fork we always have our dancing shoes on. The new Jamboree Queen will be crowned as revelers dance the night away under the stars. 2017 Jamboree Queen Kate Hough will pass the crown. Pre-sale tickets are $5, and $10 at the gate.


Loggers Jamboree Queen

It wouldn’t be a Loggers Jamboree without a Queen! Every year a young woman from the community is crowned for their exceptional fundraising abilities. These dedicated and hopeful Queen contestants have been selling Loggers Jamboree raffle tickets to raise money for the North Fork Boosters beginning in April at the Loggers Jamboree Kick-Off Dinner/Dance at Town Hall.

Requirements for entry:  Girls ages 13 – 24 years, single, with no children.

Sunday, July 8th

7 – 10 a.m. – Lions Club Pancake Breakfast at North Fork Town Hall 33060 Road 228 North Fork

10 a.m. Loggers Jamboree gates open. Admission is $5 for adults, kids 12 and under are free

10 – 11 a.m. – Sign-ups for Loggers

Noon –  Pro Competition Logging Events


Tickets for Sunday’s main event, when the Professionals compete, can be purchased from the Loggers Jamboree Queen, Little Princess and Little Logger contestants prior to the event. Pre-sale tickets will be available until July 6.

Tickets are $2 if purchased from the contestants, or $5 at the gate.

These pre-sale tickets are good for Sunday’s event only. There are no pre-sale tickets for Saturday’s event, when the amateurs compete. Tickets for Saturday can be purchased at the gate for $5.

Participant Qualifications

Professional (Sunday Event)- Participants must have competed in the Loggers Jamboree previously, either as an amateur or professional.

Amateur (Saturday Event)- Participants must not have participated as a professional previously.

Participant entry fees will depend on the number of events competed in.

The Events:

Axe Throw: Contestants will throw at a 36-inch target from a distance of 20 feet or more. The center of the bullseye will be 60 inches above the ground. The center of the bullseye will be a full can of beer worth 5 points. The outer rings will decrease in point value to 1 point on the very outside ring. No axe head will weigh less than 2.5 pounds, no handle will be shorter than 24 inches. Axe heads must be double bit with manufacturers stamp or mark on head, with no welded tips; blades should have a maximum width of 6 inches. If both bits stick on the target, no score. The best 3 out of 4 throws count.

Choker Setting: Contestants will run approximately 100 feet over logs, get a choker, run back over logs and set a choker on the end log. Choker must be buckled. Chokers will be furnished for the event but will not be available for practice. Two contestants will compete at once running against each other. Protective gloves should be worn and work boots with 8-inch tops are required for the event. No track shoes with 8-inch sewed on tops will be allowed, they must be a manufactured boot.

Double Hand Bucking: (Jack and Jill) Contestants will saw an approximately 18-inch log. A standard falling or bucking saw will be used. Saw may be set to 1.5 inches. Prizes and points will be split 50/50. No “M” tooth saws allowed.

Hand Chopping: Contestants will chop on approximately 12-inch logs. Axes may not weigh over 5 pounds excluding handle weight. Logs will be prepared by contestants. Contestants cannot cut on log; they may mark logs with a marking pen only. Steel toe required.

Hot Power Saw: Contestants will saw up to a 40-inch log. Any saw may be used, as long as it was originally a chain saw and has no more than one engine attached to the bar. Contestants will furnish their own fuel for this event. This is a live start. The contestant will be given one minute to start their saw. If the contestant fails to meet this time they will be given a second chance after all contestants have completed their cuts. Must cut from one side only.

Ladies Axe Throw: The same rules apply as the Men’s Axe Throw event.

Ladies Stock Power Saw: The same rules apply as the Men’s Stock Power Saw event. One straight cut will be made in an approximately 24-inch log. This event will be a live start.

Log Birling: Two contestants show off their birling skills head to head. Contestants will be in the water. Shoes must be worn. Contestants must wear 8-inch manufactured boots. No track or special spiked low top shoes or with sewn tops will be permitted for men or women.

Proposed New Events for 2018

  • Springboard Chop
  • Standing Block Chop
  • Speed Axe Throw

For more information about the Jamboree please contact Cathey Thornburg  at 559-676-7766.


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