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Logan And Gabriel

While some mountain schools just got back from Fall Break, we were reminded that back in August, when the school year started, we asked SNO readers to send in photos of their kids’ first day of school. As it turns out, we missed a couple of great shots, and they’re just too good to be overlooked any longer. Here is the story of Logan and Gabriel as told by Lisa Sesto, who is retired from the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau and takes care of the boys, together with her husband Michael Sesto. Michael is the owner of Coarsegold Car Care. This is what Lisa had to say when we asked if we could publish their pictures, belatedly.

These boys are brothers. Logan is 3 1/2 and Gabriel is 4 1/2, both born on the same day – Feb. 16.

Unfortunately, like so many, they were born to drug addicts and were in the “system.” After ending my career as Director of Sales with the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau, I decided to do something that had meaning, so my husband and I decided to foster a child.

When the social worker called she said she had two boys, Logan and Gabriel, and “it would only be for 30 days…” Logan was 7 months old and Gabriel was 19 months old. We fell in love with the little monkeys. They ended up staying forever.

Logan, the youngest, has Transverse Myelitis (TM). He acquired this at five months of age (two months before he came to our home). This autoimmune issue was an infection in his spine and is a “cousin disorder” to Multiple Sclerosis, but unlike MS, a one-time only occurrence.

He now deals with the residuals of TM. He is paraplegic and uses a walker at school and a wheelchair for distance. He is a big ‘ol Teddy Bear. He is currently in Special Day Class as Coarsegold Elementary School with Mrs. Tricia Ruiz, who is his fantastic, wonderful teacher. He is also in Speech Class at Oakhurst Intermediate with Rita Rothchild.

Logan has been fortunate to have such a wonderful umbrella of people thus far in his life. His best thing about school would be singing and his bus ride to and from school. His most difficult thing (if he could tell me) would be maneuvering the dang walker everywhere.

First Day of PreschoolGabriel is a handful! He is excited about pretty much everything! He loves his two dogs more than anything; he seems to be a natural with animals. He attends Joyful Noise Preschool in Oakhurst and Ms. Becky is his teacher. He adores her and she apparently has the patience of Job.

The best thing about school for him is playing outside, especially with Kate Ensminger, my granddaughter, who happens to be the same age as Gabriel.

My daughter Leah Ensminger moved back to California from Georgia after discussing with her our plans to adopt. She lives in Oakhurst and we are each others help when necessary.

What Gabriel tells me the most difficult thing about school is listening. He also attends Speech Class at Oakhurst Intermediate School, along with his brother, and again the teachers there are the best, the aforementioned Rita Rothchild and also Sharon Miller and Amy Rothchild.

My husband and I adopted Logan and Gabriel almost three years ago, and they are part of our family along with two grown children and five grandchildren.

Thank you for appreciating Logan and Gabriel!

Lisa Sesto

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