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Local State Of Emergency Proclaimed For Madera County

MADERA COUNTY — On January 9, 2023, Sheriff Tyson Pogue proclaimed a local emergency for Madera County due to the significant impacts of the ongoing extreme weather conditions.

The ongoing storm system has generated mandatory evacuations due to flooding. Additionally, mudslides, downed trees, and flooded roadways have created numerous hazards throughout the county. With the level of rain projected, there is also potential for debris/mud flow from burn scars.

The extreme weather has strained our local resources and necessitates a proclamation of a local emergency in order to maintain our standard level of public protection for the county.

Image of Sheriff Tyson Pogue.

Sheriff Tyson Pogue.

Sheriff Pogue reflects, “We will continue to closely monitor this evolving situation. The extreme conditions amidst ongoing storm activity require a high level of immediate attention. We ask residents be vigilant as these circumstances progress.”


Tyson J. Pogue, Sheriff-Coroner


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