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Rima's Local Social Connects Business To Community

OAKHURST – Oakhurst resident and community liaison Rima Runtzel has launched a new company which combines her affinity for social media and love of networking to benefit independent business owners in the local area.

Local Social, a social media marketing agency, launched in December 2014 and announced its first partnership with Oakhurst Feed & Pet Supply this month.

“I have had the opportunity to work with Rima on numerous projects, in the community, where she used marketing skills at expert levels. The fact that she is a local business and very aware of the community she herself lives in is all the more reason that I choose to work with her,” says Colette Goga, Owner of Oakhurst Feed & Pet Supply.

“We know that she will bring us a measurable increase in social media engagement, which ultimately means more customers walking through our doors and more dollars spent locally.”

Social media continues to grow at a rapid pace, and with that, the need for qualified people to manage companies’ pages. Just as one hires an expert to file their taxes, an expert needs to be put in place to organize a social media presence, according to Rima Runtzel.

“Using proven strategies, Local Social customizes a plan for each varying company and industry, to grow businesses, increase sales, and keep customers happy, allowing an independent business owner to maximize their advertising budget and focus on their core products and services,” Rima explains.

Rima has lived in the Oakhurst area for over 20 years, attending Wasuma Elementary School and graduating from Yosemite High School. She is familiar throughout Oakhurst and Mariposa for knowing whom to call to find the answer to most any question asked, and having the contact number to boot.

Local social“I get calls all the time from people asking some of the oddest questions, like ‘I have a grand piano I’d like to donate to a church or youth organization, who should I call?’ I love being able to connect people and organizations who can help each other,” she says.

Noted for her community involvement, Rima plans and coordinates many corporate-sponsored and community events including Sierra Tel’s Patriot Day, Oakhurst Community Christmas Tree Lighting and Online Auctions to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Oakhurst.

Currently serving on the Yosemite Unified Alternative Education Programs Site Council, she is also a past president for the Boys & Girls Club of Oakhurst, an emeritus member of the Friends of the Oakhurst Branch Library (FOBL) board, and has been an ambassador for the Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce. She was named Oakhurst Area Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year in 2009, Woman of the Year in 2011, one of Central California’s “40 Under 40” in 2011, and the Honorary Mayor of Oakhurst for 2011/12.

With over 14 years of service at Sierra Tel, Rima is currently the Marketing Coordinator for its Business Development department.

“Effective social media marketing requires dedicated time and effort,” Rima continues. “Small businesses looking for a big-time advantage can rely on Local Social to keep up with industry changes and create a strong, engaging social media presence.”

For more information, or to request a consultation, call (559) 760-9145, email, or connect at

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