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Rivergold 8th: Drew Encinas, Tiana Fisk, Luke Little, Andie Miller, Cambria Williams, Corissa Williams

Local Schools Win County Math Tournament

County Math 2015 Coarsegold 7th

Coarsegold 7th: Matthew Farris, Ava Gresham, Justin Micallef, Ava Miller, Gabrielle Miller, Amberlee Pick

COUNTY – Coarsegold Elementary School’s 7th grade and Rivergold Elementary School’s 8th grade teams won the Madera County Math Tournament on Friday, Nov. 6.

Ranchos Middle School came in second place and Oak Creek Intermediate School placed third in the 7th grade competition.  Mountain Home School Charter’s 8th grade team placed second in the competition and Coarsegold Elementary School placed third at the 8th grade level.

Nineteen schools and 200 students participated in the Math Tournament hosted by Madera County Office of Education and Madera County Schools Foundation.  Each grade competed in a separate competition.  Students took three tests:  Individual Endurance, Circuit Training and Relay Race at the Madera Center.

During the Circuit Training competition teams were given 20 questions and 2 ½ minutes per question, moving through a circuit.  Coarsegold Elementary School placed first in the Circuit Training 7th grade competition, followed by Thomas Jefferson Middle School and Oak Creek Intermediate School.  Coarsegold Elementary School won the 8th grade competition.  Rivergold Elementary School placed second Mountain Home School Charter placed third.

Students raced to answer questions during the Relay Race.  Ranchos Middle School came in first place in the 7th grade competition.  Wasuma Elementary School placed second followed by Desmond Middle School.  Mountain Home School Charter placed first in the 8th grade competition.  Rivergold Elementary School came in second and Ezequiel Tafoya Alvarado Academy placed third.

Sixteen medals were awarded to individual students for the Individual Endurance test, five bronze, seven silver, and four gold.

Justin Micallef             Coarsegold Elementary 7th                   Silver

Joshua Garcellano       Oak Creek Intermediate 7th                  Silver

Graeme Dahlin             Coarsegold Elementary 8th                   Bronze

Kai Hansen                  North Fork Elementary 8th                   Bronze

Lucas Lehigh               Oak Creek Intermediate 8th                  Bronze

Elizabeth Petrie            Coarsegold Elementary 8th                   Gold

Nineteen middle schools from throughout Madera County participated.  This year four new schools participated.

“We were happy to host the largest Math Tournament to date,” said Dianna Marsh, Assistant Superintendent, Madera County Office of Education.  “It’s such an exciting day, with fun team competitions, outdoor activities, and a lot of math!”

The event was held at the Madera Center and schools were allowed six students per team.



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