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Local Schools Take Top Honors In 2017 Academic Pentathlon

MADERA COUNTY — The 2017 Madera County Academic Pentathlon culminated with the Super Quiz and Awards Ceremony on Saturday, Apr. 1, naming North Fork School this year’s eighth grade champion and Mountain Home School Charter this year’s seventh grade champion.

More than 200 students participated in this five-event academic competition, held on Mar. 17 and Apr. 1.  Students competed in the areas of essay, fine arts, literature, mathematics and social science.  This year’s topic was World War II.

Coarsegold Elementary School came in second place in the 7th grade competition and North Fork Elementary School placed third.  Coarsegold Elementary School came in second in the 8th grade competition and Ranchos Middle School placed third.

Coarsegold Elementary School and Mountain Home School charter tied for first place in the 7th grade Super Quiz competition. North Fork Elementary School placed first in the 8th grade competition. North Fork Elementary School came in second in the 7th grade competition and Rivergold Elementary School placed third. In 8th grade competition, Coarsegold Elementary School came in second place and Thomas Jefferson Middle School placed third.

“We are so proud of Madera County’s seventh and eighth grade students,” said Dianna Marsh, Assistant Superintendent, Madera County Office of Education.   “This year’s competition was extremely tough and these students met the challenges with exceptional sportsmanship, team spirit and dedication. Without the generous support from our community and school districts, our student academic events would not be possible.”

Each team consisted of up to 15 students per team. Students had to compete in all five events. Teams had been practicing for this event since October.

Seventh grade winners included:


Elisa Heidebrecht                    Mountain Home                                 Gold

Avery Bunnell                          Wasuma Elementary                          Silver

Luke Miller                               Ranchos Middle                                  Bronze

Fine Arts:

Elisa Heidebrecht                    Mountain Home                                  Gold

Allison Seiling                          Mountain Home                                  Silver

Laura Rohrbaugh                    North Fork Elementary                      Bronze


Allison Seiling                          Mountain Home                                   Gold

Avery Bunnell                          Wasuma Elementary                           Silver

Paige Thornburg                     North Fork Elementary                        Bronze

Gavin Jasper                          Mountain Home                                  Bronze

Elisa Heidebrecht                   Mountain Home                                  Bronze

Jackson Roeder                       Mountain Home                                  Bronze

Nicholas Sultana                     Mountain Home                                  Bronze


Jackson Roeder                       Mountain Home                                  Gold

Katie Colan                              Coarsegold Elementary                      Silver

Joseph Star                              Oak Creek Intermediate                    Bronze

Daniel Eidson                          North Fork Elementary                      Bronze

Elisa Heidebrecht                     Mountain Home                                  Bronze

Social Science:

Adrian Aldridge                        Mountain Home                                  Gold

Avery Bunnell                         Wasuma Elementary                          Silver

Jackson Roeder                      Mountain Home                                   Bronze

Nicholas Sultana                    Coarsegold Elementary                        Bronze

Eighth grader winners included:


Peter Hartley                           Ranchos Middle                                  Gold

Julia Noble                              Mountain Homoe                                Silver

Ava Miller                                Coarsegold Elementary                      Silver

Moises Agundez                     North Fork Elementary                      Bronze

Josiah Waltner                       North Fork Elementary                      Bronze

Fine Arts:

Dahlia Pollack                         North Fork Elementary                       Gold

Josiah Waltner                        North Fork Elementary                       Silver

Ava Miller                                Coarsegold Elementary                        Bronze


Josiah Waltner                       North Fork Elementary                       Gold

Lauren Stover                         North Fork Elementary                       Silver

Kaia Owen                               North Fork Elementary                       Bronze

Dahlia Pollack                        North Fork Elementary                       Bronze

Julia Noble                              Mountain Home                                   Bronze


Josiah Waltner                       North Fork Elementary                       Gold

Dahlia Pollack                        North Fork Elementary                       Gold

Ava Gresham                          Coarsegold Elementary                       Silver

Kaia Owen                               North Fork Elementary                      Bronze

Social Science:

Gabby Miller                           Coarsegold Elementary                       Gold

Lauren Stover                         North Fork Elementary                       Silver

Peter Hartley                          Ranchos Middle                                   Bronze

Photos –

Mountain Home School Charter 7th Grade Team — Kim Meeks, coach (Left), Adrian Aldridge, Gavin Jasper, Cole Muraszewski, Jackson Roeder, Allison Seiling, Denise Cudd, coach; Elisa Heidebrecht (Bottom Left), Caroline Huey.  Not pictured: Noelle Stobbe

North Fork 8th Grade Team — Katie Kelly, coach (Top Left), Jeremiah Stott, Thor Goodman, Moises Agundez, Maria Leos; Lauren Stover (Bottom Left), Baelin Peltier, Dadalus Haynes, Dahlia Pollack.  Not Pictured: Josiah Waltner, Kaia Owen


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