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Local Galleries Host Yosemite Anniversary Events

OAKHURST – On Saturday, Feb. 8, the Yosemite “Rocks” Artistic Learning Series continues at Timberline Gallery and Gallery Yosemite in Oakhurst.

This is one of the many local events scheduled to honor the Yosemite Grant 150th Anniversary.

Gallery Yosemite and Timberline Gallery will host this free series on the 2nd Saturday of each month (special dates in April) from 2 to 4 p.m. through September.

The February offering is a special children’s event, enticing them to find the joy in drawing, beading and weaving. They will have an “aBEARham Lincoln” coloring and drawing contest, classes on drawing, beading and weaving, plus “How to Draw What You See in Nature.”

Other scheduled events in the Yosemite “Rocks” series are:

  • Mar. 8 – How to See a Story by Zyg Zee
  • Apr. 5 to May 4 – Sierra Art Trails presents Valley View: Yosemite Trails, Currents and Visions
  • May 10 – High Definition Range Photography by Andrew Erickson
  • June 14 – Panorama Photography by Mark Heliger
  • July 12 – Summer Children’s Event with painting, art stations, stenciling, clay bears and more.
  • Aug. 9 – Art Treasures of Yosemite Museum presentation by Richard Pettier
  • Sept. 13 – Yosemite Museum, Yosemite history presentation

For more event information visit the Yosemite Sierra Visitors Bureau website at www.yosemitethisyear.com and for more information on the Yosemite Grant 150th Anniversary go to www.nps.gov/yose/anniversary.

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