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Lisa’s List Of Three: Don’t Go To The Store

Lisa Wobler’s List of Threes

“A pattern can be called a pattern only if it has been applied to a real world solution at least three times,” according to the rule of three.

The power of three is universal, representing body, mind and soul. From three piece suits to tricycles and BLTs, wonderful things come in threes.

And, as it turns out, if you try something three times you may find nearly magical results. It’s easy. If you can do it three times, soon it will be six, and nine, and a dozen. What you may think, at first, you can’t do three times — you will be doing fifteen times before you know it.

Here’s a suggestion for the new year: three times this month, don’t go to the grocery store. That’s right. When you think you have to go to the store, just don’t. Instead, think: smoothie, omelette, or soup.

We, as a nation, throw away so much food from the refrigerator. Plus — what’s in the pantry, and for how long? Use it up!

Smoothie Instead of making another trip to the grocery store, take those not-so-freshies from your fridge (you know, the ones that need to be used) and place them in a blender with fruit or almond milk or just water. Veggies and fruit together can be really tasty.

Omelette Got leftovers? Make an omelette. Rice and veggies mixed with eggs are delicious — you may be surprised at the outcome.

Soup Last minute homemade soup is a cinch. Boil up about four cups of water, use some broth if you have it, and add those day-old roasted veggies, potatoes, or meat with some extra seasoning and make a fantastic soup.

So — three times this month, when you think you “don’t have anything to eat,” stop yourself from going to the store and “make-do” instead. You will save time and money, clear out your fridge, and exercise your creativity!

Lisa Wobler teaches yoga and owns Yosemite Dreams.

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