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Linn's Report Of Campaign Dollars Doesn't Add Up

Election time: It is time to watch the ads, signs, and the debates. This year we have the Sheriff candidates and others. I want to talk about the Madera County District Attorney Office candidates, current incumbent DA Michael Keitz and David Linn.

Of all things about these two men, they must have integrity that is beyond a shadow of doubt, for the position of “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” for Madera County. The current District Attorney, Michael Keitz has a proven track record of prosecution and has never been a defense lawyer.

On the other hand, the opponent, David Linn has been working as a defense Lawyer and we all know that Criminal Defense Lawyers work for the bad guys.

A point that I would like to make is, that during the September 18th, 2014 debate in Oakhurst, the candidates were given a chance to speak to the people about various topics. One question that was asked was, “How much money have you loaned to your campaign and how much money have you raised?”

I remember hearing David Linn reply to that question and his answer was that he had loaned his campaign $50,000 dollars and had raised $70,000 dollars in campaign contributions.

I have in front of me the State of California form 460, (Recipient Committee Campaign Statement & Campaign Disclosure Statement), filed by David Linn. In review of this disclosure statement, I see that Mr. Linn had a total of approximately $120,000 in total contributions.

To me, that means that he used his own money and loaned his campaign $50,000. Mr. Linn wants us to believe that supporters gave him $70,000 for his campaign. As per the 460 form, (Mr. Linn self reports) approximately $36,470 of the $70,000 came from himself and/or wife and not campaign contributors as we were lead to believe.

After reviewing FPPC Form 460, Campaign Disclosure Statement, it appears that candidate David Lynn was misleading and/or untruthful in his statements to the audience during the Oakhurst debate. If Mr. Linn can twist this to make it appear that campaign money is flowing in for him, which it is not per the Disclosure Statements, what else is there, that may not be true?

I will feel very sad for Madera County if David Linn is elected to public office.

Lucy Cliby
Resident of Madera

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