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Linn Doesn't Know How To Prosecute A Case

Running the office of district attorney of any county is not stting in a court room presenting evidence to get a convitction. The hard part is putting a team together to do that job at the higest level. That type of leadership and guidence comes from years of successes and oh yes failures.

This job includes contacts with the Board of Supervisors, the public, preparing the budget, and handling an office staffed with many employees. Only one of these candidates has the experence to do just that, and that is Mr Keitz.

The size of the Madera County DAʼs office and the case load each attorney must carry is heavy. There is also the background of each attorney in the office who have to be evaluated and given the cases they are capable of handling.

At various public forums Mr. Linn has been asked if he ever prosecuted a case in the last 10 years. His answer was no. I have wondered ever since just how much help he is going to be in assisting any attorney working under him in prosecuting any case.

My vote goes to Mr Keitz.

Jim Haze


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