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Letter To The Editor: Why I’m Voting For Marshall Long

I fully support Marshall Long for Mariposa County District 3 Supervisor and am voting for him because I believe he is the only qualified candidate to represent me. Marshall is a long time, full time resident of Mariposa County and knows our area in its current capacity, as well as its history. He has our health, welfare and safety at heart and believes the rights of citizens should be protected and not infringed upon.

Marshall spent hours advocating for the Made in Mariposa initiative to give our home based businesses an opportunity to better promote and market their products. That program now has over a hundred businesses in its membership and several stores in town have partnered with them for a win win solution. He had nothing to gain from this other than doing his part in furthering business for this county.

Government officials have a responsibility to encourage growth and he is doing that in a mindful manner. Our rural character is vitally important, but he believes we can bring businesses into the area to increase our tax base to support our basic needs including personal safety, road repair, schools, etc. He supports making Mariposa a friendly place to do business and capitalizing on existing businesses, while expanding them and bringing new businesses in. Tourism is a steady source of income for our county, but he believes it shouldn’t be the only source.

We don’t need naysayers in office, we need quality individuals like Marshall who will listen to all sides of an issue and make decisions on what is best for the greater good and not just a few. We have a housing shortage and Marshall believes that by updating the General Plan we can address zoning barriers to housing and business. Mariposa is ever changing and we need to adjust and change with it before we become a community with no children, no schools and just a bunch of retired people make trips to Fresno and Merced to go to the doctor, do our shopping, and get our hair cut.

Those are some of the reasons I am voting for Marshall, and I encourage you to vote with me for Marshall Long for District 3 Supervisor.

Debbie Peters
Catheys Valley

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