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Letter to the Editor: Why I’m Against Measure L

Weighing heavy on the hearts and minds of Measure L opponents is the question, Are our brave fire fighters being used as emotional pawns in a sensational money grab? They march to the siren song of promise that things will get better.. .but do they have enough knowledge of the political history of the Board or the County, the Measure T funds disappearing act, and the lawsuits. Measure L opponents fondest wish is that innocent fire fighters not be used for a money grab, that they are not betrayed or disappointed or have their expectations dashed. They deserve better. Measure L opponents were heartened by the news that an “L” presenter said, at a meeting in Oakhurst on Wednesday that a crew of 5 fire fighters 24-7 would cost $800,000 per year and that includes all their benies….(several present can bear witness to the presenters statement). This is a vast difference from the documentation we’ve seen from a Cal Fire Chief that indicates a crew of 5 for 24-7 coverage would cost approximately $1,375,000 and from the Measure L Expenditure Plan…1st year…2 at Bass, no wait 5 more or is it 2?…….$2,072,000, less remaining balance $1,333,926…..or is it?….who wrote that anyway? A crew of 5 fire fighters for $800,000 is better than $1,375,000 or $2 Mil. From what the people have heard at countless town halls, $800,000 can easily be found each year. So let’s start with hiring these firemen/women and use those creative resources (that the CAO said they would use for the $1- $1.5 Mil monumental welcome sign) for building fire houses. State and Fed grants are available for fire engines…… so …..first take care of our fire fighting men and women and our law enforcement officers….then everyone else with their hand out…..salivating over $8 Mill a year will just have to come up with another scheme for a jackpot money grab or for underwriting pension plans.

Terre Sparkman


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