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Letter to the Editor – We Don’t Need Vulcan Quarry

To the Editor —

We get slick fliers from Vulcan Materials praising their proposed Austin Quarry near the corner of Routes 41 and 145, and ads claiming that “Vulcan is vital.” Do people in this area have any idea how NON-vital Vulcan is?

Independent reports tell the true story: In our drought-prone region, this quarry is totally inappropriate! It would use so much water that the surrounding residential wells would probably be depleted. It would add over 3000 trucks on Highways 41 and 145 daily. Air and noise pollution would increase, and the equipment would be visible from the highways and from many residences. It would hurt property values, pay less in taxes than 50 residential dwellings, and would generate only 15 jobs. It would cost the county more than it would pay in taxes.

It is unnecessary. The Madera Quarry is nearby and provides all the aggregate we could ever possibly use. Vulcan has enough money to advertise heavily, which influences everyone, including of course the planning commission and the supervisors. That doesn’t make it right!

Barbara Ulman

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