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Letter To The Editor: Two Good Choices For Madera Co. D.A.

I had the privilege of attending a women’s group political forum last night at the Madera Golf Course. Dinner was excellent and I had the pleasure of making new friends with many like-minded individuals.

Local political candidates were afforded a two-minute self introduction followed by questions posed by a women’s panel from the group.

What became readily apparent is that we have two exceptionally qualified candidates for district attorney in Sally Moreno and Paul Hornick. Fortunately for Madera County citizens we are in a win/win situation this election cycle as either candidate will make an excellent district attorney.

One is endorsed by the Madera County Deputy Sheriffs Association and the other is endorsed by the Madera Police Officers Association. Both candidates have served their country in our nations military. Both have reserve status as officers; one in military police and one in JAG Corps.

The only issues differentiating these two exceptional candidates are these:

Sally Moreno is a local gal, born and raised in the Central Valley. She has children in the county school system. She has served the citizens of Madera County in the district attorney’s office although she is not currently employed there but in the Fresno district attorney’s office.

Paul Hornick is a Senior Deputy District Attorney currently employed in the Madera County District Attorney’s office and would be up to speed with case load and personal qualifications of other deputy district attorney personnel in the office.

I appreciate both of these candidates. Both are well qualified to serve the citizens of Madera County as our District Attorney. At this moment in time I cannot choose between these two deserving candidates, and I come from a background where I was taught this simple procedural dictum, “a decision, right or wrong, is preferred over indecision.” I may not make my selection until that defining moment as a gaze at the names on the ballot and weigh all the input and chose …

Eric N. Loos
Oakhurst, CA

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  1. Mr. Loos, Good evening. Thank you for the thoughtful letter. I truly appreciate your kind words.

    I do feel the need to make a few points in response to your analysis.

    First, with regards to endorsements, I am also endorsed by the Madera County Prosecutors’ Association, an organization that is composed of my peers. These folks opted to endorse me over both Mr. Linn and Ms. Moreno. Notably, these people are the only people who have worked with all three candidates from within the DA’s office, and, as such, they are in the best position to weigh our strengths and weaknesses and opine on who should hold this critically important office. Again, they chose me over the others.

    Second, it is worth noting that Ms. Moreno’s endorsement from the Deputy Sheriff’s Organization was issued well before my entrance into this race, and was not the result of a vote by the membership at large. Whereas both of my endorsements were issued following meetings, question/answer interviews, and a vote by all members.

    Third, the role and function of the District Attorney is as much, if not more, one of an administrator. Of the three of us, I submit that I am the best suited for this role as well. Mr. Linn is simply not present for duty. And, in Ms. Moreno’s career, she has twice lost her eligibility to practice law. As lawyers, we have very few obligations imposed upon us to maintain eligibility to practice law. In sum, we are required to pay an annual fee, and we are required to complete continuing legal education and timely submit records of attendance/completion of that education. Ms. Moreno has failed to complete each of these requirements on two separate occasions. This is public record and can be verified by visiting her profile on the California Bar website. Plainly, Sally is hardly someone who should be administering a $4.2 million budget.

    Lastly, there should be some weight given to the fact that I canvassed your home directly, before knowing anything about you or your involvement in local politics. No other candidate in this race is going door-to-door in the mountains. This conduct is both indicative of my work ethic, and the type of office I will run if elected.

    In any case, please know that I am not writing to argue; I simply want you to have all of the facts before making your decision.

    Thank you again for your post. All voters should contemplate their choices as you have; it would only better our republic.

    Best regards, Paul

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