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Letter To The Editor: Tom Wheeler Is The Easy Choice

I know two of the candidates for 5th District Supervisor. Our Current Supervisor Tom Wheeler and challenger Mark Sobel. I am voting for Tom Wheeler without reservation.

Tom knows his district, his constituents and the issues that directly affect us. He is the most accessible Supervisor I have known in 35 years of residence in Oakhurst. That is not a promise he will always be able to affect my issue but I know he will be available to listen and help within the capabilities of his office.

I have seen campaign literature from the challenger that seems to describe a different Supervisor than the one I know. Tom’s campaign slogan is Honesty, Loyalty, and Integrity. Period. No unrealistic pledges or accusations, just “this is who I am and what you can expect.” If those values are your values, then the choice is easy come June 5th.

Please join me and the employees @ Cal Fire who have decided those are the values they want in the office of 5th district Supervisor for Madera County.

Douglas Macaulay
Oakhurst Resident and Businessowner

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