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Letter To The Editor: Tom Wheeler Gets Things Done

I’ve known Tom Wheeler for over 30 years. As a hard-working long-time resident he has served all of us in Eastern Madera County in numerous capacities for years. He understands the needs of the district and applies his prior private sector experience to help solve the present challenges we face.

Tom has helped to instill a Customer Service attitude within the County Staff and developed a sense of cooperation with the Valley Supervisors and Department Heads to get things done.

He has been a full-time Supervisor committed to the District and the County – he does his homework and studies the issues and is prepared for meetings. He understands the complexities of County Government and is open to all sides of issues. He is approachable and his office is responsive to his constituents – he stays in touch through frequent Town Halls.

The experience and knowledge he’s gained from both his private and public service and his dedication makes him uniquely qualified to continue serving all of us in District Five. Let’s utilize this experience and commitment to help us solve the ongoing issues we face today.

Steve Welch
Bass Lake

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